Yes. We are all human and need love.

Not specifically, I can guide you to help a bit but it’s not my specialty

 Yes if it applies to your relationship. I will not be a listener or voyeur to please
your fetishism. 

No, because my time is valuable as is yours. If the coaching isn’t working, it could be based on many factors, but if you feel any negative energy, please move on and find someone else.

No. And I don’t claim to be ever. I am not licensed or medically trained to be a psychologist or psychiatrist or therapist of any sort.
I am a certified relationship coach.

Yes, to a degree but only to the extent of what I feel is healthy and what I know. I do not specialize in this.

I am not trained to. I am a nurturing mother myself but coaching children will involve parental consent and a properly trained coach for that. This is not me.

My available coaching times are weekday mornings 10am to noon M-F for hourly packages and I open my schedule more for my session package clients and by appointment only..